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     Labcells is a iso9001:2000 manufacturer and supplier of cells, cuvettes and accessories for spectrophotometers, fluorometers and colorimeters.It is possible, Trying to cut costs without sacrificing quality or service,if you choice Labcells® cuvettes.


















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How can I download the catalogs(PDF)?

Firstly you can download the catalogs(PDF) directly to your computer to read with an Adobe Acrobat reader. However if you do not have an Adobe Acrobat reader, you can visit the Adobe website at www.adobe.com and free download the Acrobat reader for your conputer. Also you can contact us directly by email, MSN or skype for requesting a copy of the catolog you need.


What does the ES stand for?

1、ES stands for Extrasil. This is our special brand of quartz that our factory produces.

2、ES stands for a synthetic quartz with little to no impurities.

3、ES quartz is also a suprasil equivalent.


What is the differences between UV and ES Quartz?

ES Quartz is a slightly better grade of quartz than UV Quartz and offers superior transmission in the lower nm range, below are the ranges for UV and ES Quartz.

      UV Quartz: 220~2500nm

      ES Quartz: 190~2500nm


What is Z-Dimension(Zd)?

The Z dimension is the height from thebottom of the cell to the center of its sample chamber.In case of using a small volume cell in a spectrophotometer or fluorimeter, the Z dimension of the cell should be the same as the height of the instrument’s light beam. The height of the light beam is usually 8.5mm or 15mm,20mm, depending oh the manufacturer. When ordering a cell which has more than one Z dimension available, it is necessary to specify the required Z dimension.


How do I clean my cuvettes? (Click Here)


Can you manufacture custom cuvettes?

Yes, we do! We can help you through every stage of the production process.

The only information we need to get started with making a custom cuvette is rough sketch that specifies the following:

1、All relevant dimension and dimension tolerances(If tolerances are not provided, we will use our standard tolerances)

2、Which surfaces need to be polished.

3、Quantitis required.

4、Deadline for quotation and/or manufaturing, if applicable.

We do not except responsibility for any dimension not explicitly provided by the customer.


Are your cells matched?

Sure! All of our glass, ES Quartz, and IR Quartz cells come automatically matched.Whether you order 2 cells or 30 cells, all cells will be matched.


How do matching number work?

We engrave a number on each we manufacture. We call these numbers "Matching Numbers." The first number ranges from 1 to 8 depending on the kind of cuvettes.The second number shows that the cuvette is covered by lid or stopper.Then the third and fouth number represants the pathlength.The last one is the inside width. However some special cuvettes have their special matching number. You can find the matching number you need from our website(www.labcells.com).


Will your cuvettes work in my instruments?

Most of our cuvettes are designed to fit into a standard cell holder which is 12.5x12.5mm. It is the best to measure the cuvette holder in your machine and see what the dimensions are.

We also have many different cuvettes available for you to choose. So if your holder is not standard one, you can contact us and we will be happy to assit you in choosing the correct cuvette for your instrument.



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